Excel CBD Patch 2×2 Pack


The Excel Patch contains 20 MG of nano-enhanced CBD. It is an easy to apply to patch that can combat day to day pain, soreness and inflammation.*

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Nano Enhanced CBD

“Nano Enhanced” means that the CBD is run through a special laboratory process to produce particle sizes less than 100 nm (that’s 100 billionths of a meter). This allows for ultra-rapid uptake into your body, and unparalleled bio-availability.

Patch Benefits

  • Better Than Oils and Balms*
  • Absorbs Up to 10x Faster with No Mess or Smell*
  • Ultra-Fast Uptake into Your Body*
  • Unparalleled Bio Availability*
  • Attractive Ultra-thin Adhesive Backed Patch*
  • Long Lasting – Up to 24 Hours


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Excel CBD Patch  2×2 Pack

Excel CBD Patch 2×2 Pack